Weekend Gateway in Ottawa

This past weekend, I hopped in my parents pick up truck, direction Ottawa. A weekend filled with memories was on the agenda (followed by lots and lots of shopping, hehe).

My getaway started after work on Thursday when my parents and I left for North Bay. A little pit stop for the night before heading out to Cumberland, Ottawa for a family reunion. We left early the next morning since we planned on arriving at the reunion in the afternoon. I happily convinced my parents to stop at Cora’s for lunch. It was DELICIOUS!! I got a ham and cheese crepe, simply to die for.

We headed to my mom’s cousin place. It was legit a castle. No joke. The entire family reunion would take place there. The funny thing was, the family reunion was actually a decoy for a surprise birthday party for my great uncle. On Friday night, after eating supper, his grandchildren brought out a cake and started singing Happy Birthday. His reaction was priceless. We then proceeded to make jokes, since basically, he (without knowing) had planned and organized his own surprise party. We spend the next few days with family, making bonfires, playing music, laughing, and making lots and lots of memories.

On Saturday morning, my mom, my grandma and I decided that we would go to visit a local bakery. Located in the centre of Cumberland, the Black Walnut was niched in a cute old house that was painted in a bright yellow colour. The place reminded me of houses and little business that I had visited while in Nova Scotia and PEI. When you walked in, you could see the bakers at work. It was pretty neat; they had installed big windows so you could see directly in the kitchen. I love croissants and I must emphasize on the LOVE part. So of course, I had to try one of their croissants. Not only that, but they also had ham and cheese croissants (OK, so yeah, I love croissants, but I also love ham & cheese). Those croissants were the best croissants I had ever tasted, and, must I add, I have tasted many croissants in my life.

I finished off the weekend on a good note by spending some time with my best friend from university. We did one of my favourite activities: SHOPPING!! We went to the Bayshore shopping centre in Kanata. I love that mall! It has all of my favourite stores including Sage and Lululemon. I must admit that I did a tiny bit of damage there, haha. I just can’t help myself I love shopping too much. We then went thrift shopping at Plato’s Closet and ended the day at our favourite store: Chapters. It was a delightful day and a great way to end the weekend.

As much as I love weekend gateways to the big city, I love coming home to my puppy and my boyfriend (and my annoying roommate of a best friend, just kidding I love you).

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