The Canadian Thanksgiving - A Fall Bucket List

Not every family is perfect, heck mine isn’t! But Thanksgiving is a great way to put all the anger and hate aside and come together and celebrate one another.

Every time this holiday passes by I always ask myself if this is a blessing by bringing all of us together or if this is just another cursed. Making people feel like they have no family to celebrate with, people are stressing out to have the perfect Thanksgiving meal or a bigger turkey then the neighbours. What about the people that can’t afford it? What about people that are sitting alone at home? I see most people on Facebook or Instagram posting pictures of themselves with their families, big delicious meals or an outdoor fall photo shoot. Sometimes this will bring down some of us making us feel like we have no one supporting us but there is always yourself; Make time to celebrate you.

This year I am concentrating on myself by creating a fall bucket list that I would like to accomplish. I’ve never taken the time to celebrate the beautiful session of autumn but today is a start. It’s OK to step away and find out what makes you happy and what you are thankful for in life.

Here is what I’ve decided would make me happy this fall;

You can always grab a family member or a friend to embrace this adventure with, this is a great way to bond and reconnect!

Get out and meet new people, make a goal that you would like to accomplish, or even do something that scares you who knows where this can lead you in life!

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