• Taesha Andrew

Tesh's Closet: We love a pop

“Oh man look at that pop of yellow. Who is she, we love her. The colour yellow I mean, not the actual girl, cause that’s just me, the one who choose the outfit. And yes, I know it looks seamless and well put together (except if that’s not what you were thinking, in which case, we’ll agree to disagree.) However, it was not a seamless journey creating that look. The day actually began with an entirely different outfit that never even left the house. Something about it was ‘off’ y’know? So, a subtle change here, a swapped item there and an entirely new outfit change later and there we had it! A complete disaster of a bedroom. If the fashion gods could bless me with one skill it’d be the ability to maintain a clean room while nitpicking my wardrobe. Oh well, if only one of us had to look good I’m glad it was me.”



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