• Taesha Andrew

Tesh's Closet: Makin' It Work

Sweaters. I can’t even fully express to you how much I love me a good sweater. You can make a sweater work at any time, as long as you style it accordingly. It doesn’t even need to be new to be good (much like people I suppose). My sister-in-law gave me this sweater when she was purging her closest, and you best know I snatched it up real quick.

Personally, I’m shaped like a rectangle, so any sweater that is a little snug at the waist but looser at the top helps give the illusion of shape, and who doesn’t like a good magic trick?! One second, I’m a piece of cardboard, the next, a slice of pizza! We love. Know your shape, know your colour, sprinkle in some confidence and bam! A LOOK.

Plus, since we’re all isolating (ya’ll better be isolating) what a time to experiment! Have a home photoshoot, try new looks, who’s going to stop you? No one, that’s who. So try it out! That thing you bought but was always too self-conscious? Slap it on your body!

Now’s the time, wear it around the house and get a feel for it, accessorize, dye your hair, be wild, and have some fun.



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