PowerBar, beautiful but dissatisfying

So I got this PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar (#gotitfree) in the mail to review from ChickAdvisor. I’ve been waiting patiently for this package to arrive and I was even more excited when I took the first bite. When I took that first bite I regretted it right away, it tasted worst than I ever thought possible.


To the person who created this design for the packaging I salute you! The blue color grabs your eyes anywhere it is put on the shelf. I love how they put reduced sugar on the packaging, as the entire health community will immediately be drawn to this product.


The bar itself is way too dry and powdery; it took everything in me just to keep it down (and guess what, that was only the first bite). For a protein bar, I found it to be very sweet even if the bar itself is supposed to have reduced sugar.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t go to the store to purchase this product. But hey don’t stop yourself, go ahead and try it, you might like it.


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