One Pair Of Jeans, Three Shirts – A Fabulous Versatile Spring Outfit

Featuring Moonbean Country Store

When a new season is around the corner, I know where to head out to add new cool trendy pieces to my wardrobe. Moonbeam Country Store is a cute clothing boutique in my hometown that has all your closet essentials.

I have paired these amazing jeans from Articles of Society with three different tops in order to create a variety of styles; lounge, chic and casual.

The cropped white long sleeve gives off a comfortable but cute look that you could definitely wear during the cooler days of spring.

The floral shirt is more of a chic look that you could pull off on a more casual day at work such as a Friday.

The striped tie-up shirt is a great casual look for an outdoor BBQ that could even be paired with a light jacket.

Here’s to our 2019 spring wardrobe, may it be fresh, may it be chic and may it come from Moonbeam Country Store!


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