Migraines Are Not An Excuse


  1. Always cancelling plans because you feel like your head is going to explode.

  2. Your friends stop inviting you because they think you’re ignoring them.

  3. Going to bed early rather than enjoying your time off.

  4. Not being able to read a book, play outside, or do any activities/hobbies.

  5. The constant pain of your head throbbing.

  6. Not being able to concentrate at work.

All my life while I grew up I would rarely get sick. My parents would always say that I was lucky and therefore would live a long life. As the years went by, I started to get constant migraines. It’s hard to explain to someone that migraines aren’t like regular headaches. Sometimes I just wish that I could live a regular life but unfortunately, I am categorized as having “inexplicable migraines” that even after with endless tests we still don’t know the cause.


  1. Taking Tylenol, Advil, etc. will not make my headache go away!

Get this straight; I’m tired of hearing people tell me to “just take a Tylenol”. If those medications would help, you can bet my pretty ass I would be all over them and taking them every hour of the day. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work like this.

Stop asking me if I am mad at you, seriously!

If I cancelled our plans multiple times and I told you the reason was that I had a migraine, which means that I don’t hate you. Trust me when I say that I would rather be social then feel like hell just decided to move in. So stop feeling hurt over something that I have no control over.

I called in sick from work but you think I’m at home playing video games

Here is what happens when I’m at home sick;

1st I turn all the lights off

2nd I close all the blinds and lights to make sure it’s as dark as possible

3rd I sleep all day to take the pain away.

I am not playing video games, watching Netflix, reading a book. I wish I was but unfortunately, that isn’t happening any day soon.


These symptoms will never be the same. One day the back of my eyes are throbbing the next I will be puking my guts out (sorry for the awful images). When these headaches arrive I cannot focus on anything. The best thing to do is stay in my bed and call it a day even when it’s only 11 am.

I could go on for ages on so many pointless things people keep telling me but I think you guys get my point by now. To everyone going through migraines, please know that you are not alone and it’s OK to feel like you will never survive. Hell, I got depressed because of these good-for-nothing migraines in the past and every day I wake up with the fear that one is going to creep up during the day. But just take one day at a time and enjoy every moment in life. Do not take for granted all those painless days, positivity goes a long way.


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