I Can't Tell You Why by Elaine Robertson North

I've received this book as an ARC, free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Some information about the book may change at any giving time.

Title: I can't tell you why

Author: Elaine Robertson North

ISBN 13 9781790464357

An engrossing and emotionally true novel about the love triangle from hell – an agent, Dani, her star client and a paparazzi photographer programmed to expose.

Sometimes even the most grounded people make bad decisions – decisions that even they cannot explain. And sometimes bad decisions take on a life of their own . . .

Having an affair is inconceivable to Dani and yet she’s having one with Alex. He’s married, he’s an actor and she’s his agent. Then Dani meets Sean, a paparazzi photographer with a formidable reputation. It’s a profession that makes him unpredictable at best. A dangerous trait when his motivation to expose becomes personal.

Can Dani dig her way out of a bad situation that she thought that she was too smart to get into?


I’ve been pushing this book for the past month and a half to read and I am still confused on DNF it or just keep on reading. I wanted to love this book so much and I feel like there is a lot of potential with the characters but for me I couldn’t grab the idea of the story, jumping from an event to another out of the blue. We were on the road to learning more about Dani but nope the author decided to change completely the train of thought by changing the point of view or the day completely. I loved to learn more about the agency world but there might have been just a tad too much information, explaining all her different actors BORING!

Overall I might pick up this book in the future because I really do want to know how this love triangle will end, but can we just say that with 30% of the book read only do we know that it is not technically a full on love triangle yet……..


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