Heir Of RA By M. Sasinowski

I've received this book as an ARC, free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Some information about the book may change at any giving time.

Title: Heir of RA

Author: M. Sasinowski

304 pages


Alyssa signed up to study history, not to rewrite it.

An excavation of the fabled Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx unleashes an ancient disease that leaves her father fighting for his life. As Alyssa races to find a cure, she stumbles onto an impossible artifact that could change history—or destroy our future.

With unexpected help from Oxford student Paul Matthews, Alyssa evades ruthless adversaries set on harnessing the power of the artifact. As a global epidemic looms, they must unravel deep secrets hidden within it and unveil the link between a mythical civilization and the birth of Egyptian mythology, before time runs out.

Compulsively readable, M. Sasinowski’s electrifying debut thriller, Heir of Ra, is filled with action, technology, humor, and a generous dose of “what if” that just might have you question your history books.

What Early Readers are Saying:

“I loved this book! It was everything I want when I read. Adventure, action, mystery. I felt as though I could actually “see” the movie in my mind’s eye as I was reading the book.”

“This story is the embodiment of creativity. This book loops together many broken pieces within the world’s history and formulates a new world all on its own. When you read this book, you will not be disappointed, the danger and mystery will keep you on edge.”

“I absolutely loved Heir of Ra. Action, adventure, thriller, mystery — you name it. It has all the things! It would certainly make for an epic "The Mummy" style movie, too. Five stars!”

“…cross between Kane Chronicles and the Da Vinci Code.”

“Could not stop reading this book!”

"Wonderful historical fiction - suspenseful and intriguing, filled with complex yet relatable characters and incredible imagery. "

“Heir of Ra is an amazing adventurous story, especially for lovers of Egyptian history. But this book is a great choice for any reader that wants a read that will leave them falling out of their chair with surprise throughout the endless number of twists-and-turns. Action, guns for the guys and even some romance for the girls. A great read for all who are looking to spend their entire day reading because they cannot put it down!”

“A book that rivals Lightning Thief because it has realistic characters with a fantastic plot. I couldn't put it down.”

First Thought

Ok for a book cover how badass does this look! The first thing that caught my eyes is the gem the bird is holding, as it seems to be protecting it. Secondly, I saw the faint writing above the raven head of the author and to be honest because of the colour choice it was hard to distinguish what was written. Thirdly, the quote on the book is jaw dropping;

“Hisstory warned us. We didn’t listen.”

Overall I believe that the cover is just breathtaking as well as designed perfectly for what the book is about.

“We are born naked, wet, and hungry – then things get worse.”


This fast-paced, action pack & breathtaking books was one of my favourite for a while! I was able to read this 304 pages masterpiece in 2 days. My favourite part of this book was the brutal story of Horus even thought we only saw flashes of it. I am usually not the type of liking the different points of view but for this particular novel it worked great (I would have only specified which POV we were in, maybe write their name, time frames, and location before the paragraph).


This book would have been stronger if the writing was a little more advanced (narrated). The ending well let’s just say it was a little too rushed in that last chapter. (narration is the key here) Also, what is she up too? Is she trying to find out more about her family? What about Paul and Alyssa do we just move on no explanation if their relationship could grow (Please no love triangle in the second book!!!!)


For some reason, the written skills lacked detailing throughout the book. In the first chapter, the author pushed to explain vivid details of the place that is surrounding the character example;

“Lord George really studied the carving in the stone door, his lips pursed in an expression of perpetual disapproval”… “Every detail was exquisitely crafted, from the wings, unfurled gracefully in flight, to its curved talons locked around a glimmering, triangular object.”

Wow, I am amazed how the author makes you feel like you are right there with the character but unfortunately, after that first chapter, the details of the environment aren’t as strong. As for example, our main character Alyssa is climbing the Chinisiri Mountain the author forgets to mention the magnitude of the mountain itself.

What does the view/sky look like from the mountaintop?

Is there snow at the top of the mountain? How does it look?

Is she at an incline that makes breathing harder? Is it getting colder?


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