Global Warming with Leonardo DiCaprio

Before the Flood

A thrilling movie that educated mankind about global warming, where actor Leonardo DiCaprio brings us around the world to learn more about devastating effects of the phenomenon.

We can all agree that climate change is a very important subject for the survivals of, not only, the human species, but our planet as well. This is not a “hoax made by the Chinese” like Donald Trump wants us to believe. The ice is melting, and in 2040, scientists believe that it will be possible to sail through the North Pole. Isn’t this a problem? In Greenland, 30 feet of ice melted in the span of only 5 years. That’s the average height of a two-story house.

China has risen to the very top of the list as the number one polluter in the world. Can you blame them? Most products we consume are made in China and they are left with the waste. “It is estimated that between seven to fourteen percent of carbon emission in China is actually from producing products for American consumers.” (Climate change & China: Technology, Market and Beyond, 2009)

“ China is the factory of the world, and much of the pollution of that industry is getting dumped in our backyard” - ​​Ma Jun (Founding director, institute of public & environmental affairs)

There is a variety of methods that could prevent climate change such as, a carbon tax, stop burning fossil fuel, or having a hundred GIGAFACTORYS that would provide energy for the entire population. We have the solutions so why aren’t we resolving the issue? The answer lies in the hands of politicians, but most of them are invested in fossil fuel, so how can we convince them to save the planet?

“131 climate deniers in congress

38 climate deniers in the senate”

- ​Before the Flood​​​

National Geographic​​​

Politicians try to please the public, therefore we need to push climate change to the forefront of our priorities. This way, the world leaders won’t have a choice but to listen and start a change.

We’re in 2016 and there is still a lot more that needs to be done. Enough is enough! We need to stop taking our planet for granted and stand for what is right. Get ready to sail to the North Pole because it’s predicted that it will happen within 24 years.

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