Fidget Spinners, It Isn’t Just a Toy - It’s Time to Get Educated!

I see a lot of children running around with a fidget spinner trying to do tricks and see who in their group of friends have the better-looking one. I see teens thinking they’re cool because they’re using these new trending “toys”. I encourage you, dear parents, to purchase these items only if your child needs them to focus. It’s time to get educated for yourself and your kid. This fidget might look like a toy in your eyes but for many it’s a way for individuals with disabilities to get through the day.

The History Behind It

The Fidget Spinner was created to release stress and help individuals to focus. Most of these people who will benefit from this “toy” have ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety. The science world is currently divided in two as some say the Fidget is more distracting than beneficial (because so many of these kids do not have a disability, therefore it’s more distracting than helpful).

School Ban

Along the way, these “toys” got very popular with the younger generation and therefore they were seen everywhere. Because so many kids were using them at school and only focus on the spinner rather than on the lecture in class many schools have decided to ban these items. These schools claimed that it was too distracting for the students. Now let’s think about these people with ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety were now forced to stop using their fidget in class when it was maybe their only way to be able to focus in class. The problem I believe is that kids using a Fidget Spinner without a disability are only a distraction for them for the reason that THEY DO NOT NEED IT TO EXCEL IN LIFE.

In my own experience, I believe that these fidgets would have helped me focus in class as myself struggle with anxiety and focusing on someone for long periods. You know that expression “your head is in the clouds” well that was me because after 15 minutes I couldn’t focus on what the teacher was saying and was only thinking about other stuff that was happening in my life. I believe (I know) that this item would have helped me immensely because I would of had something in my hand to touch and move. Maybe you may not understand, hell it was hard for myself to explain this to you but for some individuals, we need to play with something to help us focus during a lecture, exam or anything else that needs a great amount of focus.

So next time you buy your kids a Fidget please take 5 min of your time to explain to them that this is not a toy and they should take good care of it. Some people around them might need the “toy”.


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