On occasion, I act like I know what I am doing but who really does?

In a world where you are seen as perfection, how are you supposed to be imperfect?

Aren’t we all figuring who we are? Isn’t it okay to not have your life plan like everyone else?

Dear self,

Plans don’t always work out and that’s all right. You might feel secure in the position you are now but are you happy? Sometimes the universe has other plans and you just have to take a step back to realize what it is in life that you actually want. Not everyone is supposed to be at the exact same stage at the exact same time. Some people are meant to have a family, some to achieve greatness, some to travel, and there is some that might just not know what they are supposed to do yet. If you haven’t found your purpose go out and try new things until something inspires you!

For some people, it might take a day, a month, a year or five but eventually, you will figure out what you love to do. Aren’t we all walking through the day wondering if we are doing it right? Are we on the path that we are supposed to be on or are we on the self-destruct one? Sometimes you just have to take the leap. You might feel depressed, anger or sad thinking others around you seem to have figured out their plan. The truth is we are all in the same boat; there is no guideline or manual. My saying to you <We are all floating through life wishing we were grounded – Tanya Geno>.


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