Dear Readers, We Are Back!

Dear readers,

I would like to apologize for my out-of-the-blue silence on A Mundane World. Sometimes you have to take a step back and rethink what makes you happy in life. This being said I am happy to say that I am back and stronger than ever.

So here’s what’s been going on!

Tanya Geno – Owner/Blogger

As an entrepreneur woman that works a full-time job, owns her own business and launched her blog in the same year, I just became very overwhelmed with the responsibilities. After not liking where my life was headed, I decided to take matters into my own hands and made some difficult changes. Here’s what I’ve been up to in my life;

  1. I quit my job and started a new full-time job as an Economic Development Intern for my town. OK so yeah that was a huge step towards building my career but with each passing minute, I am finally doing what I LOVE. In my eyes, that’s the most important thing: enjoying your work life.

  1. My business “Geno’s Design” has relaunched after closing for a month. I love photography, so for the past year, I got contracts to take pictures at events, family gatherings, and much more. I’ve realized that this was a big part of what made me happy and therefore I couldn’t let it go. After reopening the shop, we are already getting phone calls for upcoming events!

  1. I’ve bought a house! Yup, I am not kidding. This upcoming October I am going to be a proud first time homeowner. Since this process started, it has been a big reason why I have been absent on A Mundane World. Every day was overwhelming stress, running for paper works, getting a loan from the bank or to negotiate with the house owners, it just made my head explode. Therefore I took a step away from it to have room to breathe.

HEY OH! But this is not all, I also extended my team and I am now proud to introduce our new editor & blogger; Andréane Gravel!

Andréane Gravel – Editor/Blogger

Hey everyone! I’m so happy to be joining Tanya in her adventure. I’ve always loved working with the different aspect of writing. Hence, why I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in translation. My life is on full pin lately as I’m finally starting my life as an adult. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. Last year, I graduated from a small university in my hometown, l’Université de Hearst, and I am now working there as an intern on a full-time basis. But that’s not all. I also work part time at a gym and I also have my own translation business.

2. My boyfriend and I bought a house!!! I have been a homeowner since July this year and simply love decorating and doing DIY’s. We have been pretty busy since we decided to make a bit of changes to the house. We painted everything and are now in the process of redoing our kitchen.

3. Most importantly, we started our family! Yes, we got a dog! The cutest little golden retriever puppy named Bailey. And that’s not all we also have a cat! The two of them are getting to know each other and seem to be getting along. Training a new little puppy has been a lot of work, but I love it.

This being said I hope that you all understand and enjoy our upcoming blog posts coming out on Tuesdays & Thursdays!

And without any further ado, WE ARE BACK!

Welcome to A Mundane World relaunch, with a fresh web design and great content that we hope you will enjoy. Find us on our website, Facebook or Instagram account where we bring you our everyday adventures, reviews & everyday posts.


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