Colorways: Watercolor Flowers by Bley Hack

I've received this book as an ARC, free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Some information about the book may change at any giving time.

Title: Colorways: Watercolor Flowers: tips, techniques, and step-by-step lessons for learning to paint whimsical artwork in vibrant watercolor.

Author: Bley Hack

128 pages

ISBN 1633226123

ISBN13: 9781633226128

Colorways: Watercolor Flowers teaches artists of all skill levels how to paint harmonious, vibrant, and colorful renditions of flora.

Calling all aspiring artists! Grab your paints because it's time to explore key watercolor techniques, including washes, gradations, painting wet-into-wet, glazing, and understanding the color wheel to create harmony in your art. With Colorways: Watercolor Flowers, you will create vibrant and colorful floral paintings while mastering how to use color for maximum effect. You'll also learn where to find artistic inspiration, how to become a “visual collector,” and how to add fauna to your floral paintings.

Colorways is a brand-new series from Walter Foster that teaches artists of all skill levels how to create innovative, inspired artwork full of color and imagination. Focusing on creating expressive pieces over realistic scenes, Colorways shows artists how to break the "rules" of color and let their imaginations and artwork soar to new heights.

Pros: This book is colorful and delightful to look at. Great book for beginners to learn about different techniques and color matching. I love how she introduces all the different techniques; it shows exactly a beginner how to achieve watercolor with a clear instruction and images.

Cons: It would be difficult for a beginner to learn and replicate the images shown towards the end. If you are not an artist or have no clue what you are doing this might be hard for you. Example: Using a large round brush on its side, stamp petals around the focal flowers… Add leaves to stems (It fells like I was listening to a YouTube DIY without the video).

Overall I believe there should have been more information on how to create her flowers… But the first part of the book was amazing especially if you are a beginner wanted to learn exactly the basic of it all.


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