Book Review: Vivatera

I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion & review

Title: Vivatera

Author: Candace J. Thomas

243 pages

Published February 22nd, 2019

(first published August 8th, 2010)


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"He knew the truth: those creatures would feel her charm, just as he did. The pull had started again."

Between the characters, magic and just the book overall, it was hard to make a connection. The idea was there, but the undertaking of it was just poor.

I’ve found this book exhausting to read, fighting every page to understand the connection between every scenario. Usually, I would just DNF this kind of novel, but the concept and ideas of this book were just too interesting to stop reading. Can you imagine that it took me exactly 3 months to read! But now that I’ve made it all the way to the end, I kind of regret it. There is no joy, only confusion for this story.

Simple writing but chaotic ideas not intertwining or just overall not well explained. There were no true back-stories from the characters; we just needed to guess.

The main character Naomi, I just don’t care about her. She’s annoying and irrelevant in any scenario she found herself in. She is an anchor to the development of the story.



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