A Bucket List Not So Achievable

Let’s be real, we all have that one-bucket list that might be over the top or you just know you will never achieve it. Don’t get me wrong, having these items on your list is a great way to push you towards those certain goals and if you never achieve them at least you tried and dreamed about it! But for now, I will share with you some of the items that I believe I will never achieve on my bucket list.

Stay at an Underwater Hotel

As fantastic and amazing this sounds, this bucket list item is most likely never going to happen. Being trapped underwater… with sharks and who knows what else? Yeah, no thank you I will pass on this scary adventure.

Get a Tattoo

For 6 years now I’ve been saying that I want to get a tattoo and the funny thing is that I already know what I want. I know they’re not like medical needles but I HATE getting needles and I cannot exaggerate this enough just the thought of it makes me skirmish and want to run away.

Read Every Book

Yes, I wish I could be immortal just so I’m able to read and reread every book on this planet. There are so many worlds and characters created by amazing writers that I wish I could meet.

Travel the World

Some people have no problem achieving this beautiful goal but for me, this might be a challenge. I love traveling but I don’t think I will ever be able to visit every part of this beautiful planet. From having a full-time job, money, my dogs and much more it’s hard to just hop on a plane and go. I would rather take the four-wheeler out and go on an adventure in a muddy trail.

Go Hang Gliding/Skydiving

This is a great idea…. NOT. If we are talking about heights, I will probably just run away or fall into a ball on the ground. It sounds like a great experience to have but seriously do I really have the guts to do it? Probably not.

Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets while stargazing.

Let’s be real! I live in Canada: home of winter and BUGS. If it isn’t cold, it’s a mosquito war zone! But I still believe from this day this will one day get a checkmark next to it.

Take a Road Trip With No Planned Destination

Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere does not seem like a fun time. Have a plan, be prepared and always think ahead.


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