9 Spring Cleaning Tips For Those Old Dusty Corners

Spring is around the corner and with that comes the sunshine. With the hot weather slowly making its way, it is important to think about the well being of your house. These steps are a great way to get rid of those old dusty corners and brighten your living spaces.

1. Window Washing

Dust can creep up on you and even get on the surface of your windows or in my case saliva since my dog loves to lick my windows when looking outside (I have no idea why). The best way to clean a window is to wait when it is a little bit cloudy outside this way the products don’t dry instantly, and you can see if you leave marks when wiping. For best effect use vertical or horizontal strokes. Try not to go in circle or all over the place.

2. Flip those mattresses

a. Pass the vacuum

b. Clean those stains

c. Sanitize

d. Flip the bed around

3. Say good bye to grease

When cooking, grease can get all over the stove but did you know it can get on your cabinets!

Clear out those shelves and wash them from top to bottom.

4. Dishwasher & laundry maintenance

Once a year it is important to wash and make an empty load in your machines

5. Drains declutter

6. Decluttering

We all see this new show on Netflix called: “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”.

It’s time to take those tips and put them in action.

7. Vents clearing

From house vents to dryer vents

8. Fridge cleaning

Bacteria can form and live longer because of the cold temperature.

9. Pantry restocks

a. All food has an expiring date or becomes stale. Go through your pantry and make a list of what you should rebuy.

b. Here are some great tips by CHOWHOUND from 2016 post


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