8 Car Trips Must-Haves

The sun is shining, and March break is on its way. Have you ever been on a car ride and realize you forgot something at home, or you’re just not comfortable and keep moving in your seat. Here are some must-haves for your up-coming car trips to make your day a little easier and more comfortable.

1. Casual Clothing

When travelling you want to be comfortable therefore leave those skinny jeans and tight shirt in your luggage. When travelling with other people the driver might decide to put on the air exchanger so bring a sweater or hoodie just in case.

2. Water

Keep yourself hydrated with your choice of beverage. If you’re a coffee drinker, I recommend packing water as well since coffee can dehydrate you.

3. Snacks

A road trip is not complete without a bag full of snacks from healthy to junk foods. I recommend buying things that are easily resealable or that you can eat in one seating. Protein bars are great for this.

4. Entertainment

Your travels might take you from 30 min up to 5 hours or more. In these cases, if you aren’t the driver think about what you could do to pass the time. It can range from books, music, iPhone games, and more…

5. Charges

When travelling it is important to bring your charges with you so you can always have a full battery phone in case of an emergency.

6. Sunglasses

Even when we are enjoying the sun it can also be bad for your eyes. Make sure you protect them with a nice pair of sunglasses.

7. Travel Bag

These are great to store all your items in so you don’t lose anything but also when travelling you might encounter a lovely nature sight and decide to stop and go on a hike. This is a great way to always be prepared and be able to carry with yourself items that you might need.

8. Camera

When travelling you can encounter many things that will count your eyes. Get that camera ready to grasp those once in a lifetime memories.


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