7 Beach Essentials: What To Bring For A One Day Trip

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It’s a beautiful day, and you’re ready to spend it at the beach. Last-minute plans often mean forgotten items, but this ultimate list of 7 beach essentials will ensure that you have exactly what you need to take to the beach for an enjoyable time.


This seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? But if you forget the sunscreen at home or you run out mid-spray, you may be tempted to forego it just for that day and doing so can lead to a nasty burn. Sunscreen is one of those beach essentials you really should stop and buy if you’ve forgotten it or run out. Most experts these days agree that a minimum SPF 30 offers the best protection for your skin, though it should still be applied regularly throughout the day. Even water and sweat proof sunscreen will eventually fade and leave your skin exposed.


Big, fluffy beach towels serve so many functions. The obvious one – to dry off after taking a dip in the ocean. Beyond that, towels can be a non-sandy place to lay down for a nap and tan (don’t forget the sunscreen!). Several overlapping towels across the sand make a great picnic blanket or place for the toddlers to play. And my favorite use from those super-hot Florida days – towels make fantastic seat covers when you get back in the car. Few things feel as gross as bare, salty skin on leather or vinyl seats that have been boiling in the sun all day, but a beach towel makes a great cushion for the tush.


Hot sunny days lead to dehydration. Drink water, people. ! Lots and lots of water. Though it may be tempting to imbibe in some alcoholic beverages, those can dehydrate you quickly, as can soda. Rehydrating with water or a watered-down sports drinks helps you enjoy the day without pesky headaches and can stave off more serious conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.


Watching other beachgoers might be entertainment enough, but if it’s not, don’t forget a little entertainment. A kindle or book is great for readers. For music lovers, pick up an inexpensive waterproof, battery-powered speaker that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let the jams play all day wherever you are on the beach.


You need the cooler for that water, right? Be sure to pack fruit like watermelon or oranges, too. Watermelon helps keep you hydrated while oranges keep you hydrated and provide a lot of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help counter the heat’s effects on your body.


Sure, towels are great to lay on, but not everyone likes the sand that tends to kick up on those towels, and not everyone will want to sit in the sun all day. If this sounds like you, a chair and umbrella are definite beach essentials. Many beaches also rent them if you don’t have your own or don’t want to haul them out to the beach that day.


You’re at the beach alone. How do you secure your valuables? Most of them should stay home anyway, but we know you need your car keys, your wallet (or at least a small amount of cash and your ID), and your cell phone. If you’re alone or a small family, you probably don’t want to hang out on the beach by your belongings all day just to make sure nothing gets stolen. So how do you keep your valuables safe? You could pack a bag but hello, backpack that screams, “Take me!” The internet is filled with tons of ideas – put them in an empty sunscreen bottle, wrap them in a diaper, bury them in the sand. There are also a ton of small, cute lockboxes that you can secure to the leg of a beach chair, to an umbrella, to the fence by the beach, or to any other large item that thieves are not likely to walk away with. Investing in a small, portable lockbox is an investment in your peace of mind while at the beach.


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