5 Bad Habits You Do At Work

Every once in a while, everyone gets sidetracked from their workload for the day. With all the distractions from our generation’s technology it is harder than ever to stay concentrated at your workplace. We all have bad habits but can it get you into trouble? Here are 5 habits that you need to change at work.

1. The Internet

We all mostly have access to the Internet at our workplaces but have you ever considered how much this can distract you? Let’s be real we have all done it at least once in our lifetime. You just want to take a 5-minute break to check your Facebook but end up scrolling for 20 minutes on your wall. If you know that you have an important document to finish and don’t want to get sidetracked; UNPLUG. Disconnect your Internet or put your laptop away if not it will take you longer to finish what you have started.

2. Your Cellphone

Our generation carries their phones with them wherever they go, I MEAN EVERYWHERE. We bring it to the pool, to the restaurant or even to our workplace. Some places do not allow cellphones at work but I am pretty certain that most of you snuck it in somehow. We keep on checking if that special someone has texted or taking a break to play a game you recently downloaded, but have you noticed that this is a big distraction from your job? Keep your phone in your coat, purse or car. If it’s an emergency, most people know where you work and can reach you. Think about turning it off for a while.

3. Emailing

A bad habit that most people do not think about is not corresponding to their emails properly. Not responding back, taking too long to respond, or even bad wording can all lead to a bad reputation or unprofessionalism. Think about always starting your emails with “Dear ,” and always finish on a good note “Have a good evening,” and sign off with your name at the end with your work information.

4. Negativity

If you keep on being negative during your work hours, you’re not only bringing yourself down but also your coworkers around you. Think about starting your morning on the right foot by being positive, make a vision board for your work desk, and always smile at the people around you. Just this simple act might make your journey more tolerating.

5. Lack Of Manners

Tardiness, manners, speaking without thinking, and bad temper are all things you should control at your job. If you are not professional, people will not want to work with you. Thinking about quitting your job? Don’t ask them to be a reference because they will tell your new employer the truth. Think before you speak, try getting 5 minutes early into work, or always say please and thank you.

We all have bad habits but if we all try to work on them a bit more we could turn our workplace experience for the better.


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