40 Winter Activity Idea - Bucket List

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

With the holidays over and the cold season lingering on enjoy a little bit of laughter and good memories by accomplishing some or all of the ideas below.

Here are some winter activity ideas for the entire family to help you get out of a holiday lump.

1. Create a chocolate bar 2. Watch the Grinch 3. Built a snow forth 4. Watch neighborhood lights 5. Pay it forward 6. Go Snowshoe 7. Watch Frozen 8. Lazy pjs day 9. Bake cookies 10. Make a snowman 11. Watch Happy Feet 12. Play outdoor hockey 13. Make a gingerbread house 14. Watch Polar Express 15. Make a winter themed cake 16. DIY winter decoration 17. Winter pictures 18. Lazy sweater day 19. Have an outdoor fire 20. Go ice skating

Download the PDF here

21. Read a book 22. Make a bird feeder 23. Go sledding 24. Late night board games 25. Make cinnamon rolls 26. Homemade s’mores 27. Dream winter outfit

28. Snow globe collection

29. Do a new puzzle 30. Make paper snowflakes 31. Donate toys/food 32. Watch a hockey game 33. Go to a market 34. Create handmade cards 35. Homemade recipe 36. Make snow angels 37. Ice Fishing 38. Volunteer 39. Go on a winter walk 40. New family tradition


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