2019 Vision Board - Reach Your Goal

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Vision boards are a great source of inspiration to keep you motivated on obtaining your goals you have set up. These goals can be made yearly, seasonally, or even monthly. They can range from one theme to many; travel, fitness, happiness, and more.

To make these boards succeed make sure you place them in your house where you will see them every day. By doing this you push yourself forwards rather than doing the opposite. For example, you can have a healthy living board on your fridge to remind yourself to eat carrots rather than a bag of chips.

Creating a Vision board is simple and only need a couple of tools, all you need is;

- A list of goals

- Board (card stock, whiteboard…)

- Pictures (magazine, internet…)

- Glue

- Scissors

- Quotes

- Lots of craft materiel (stickers, colour pens…).

Go over the images that you found and place them in a desired format on the board. Once happy with the final product go over every image and glue, tape or pin them to the board. Finally add some final products like stickers, paper stock, glitter etc. to make it stand out.

Never forget that a vision board is suppose to reflect on who you are and what you see yourself doing in the future!

Here is my vision board and my goals to follow in 2019


2. Do things with your friends


4. Go out and take pictures


6. Be grateful

7. Do things with your dog



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