2019 Calendar Free Printable

As one chapter of your life closes another one opens.

Enjoy our free printable 2019 calendar (edition Holy Chic Black) to start your year on the right page!

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It’s that time of year where you should reflect on all your decisions you have made in 2018.

Did you achieve your goals?

Are you happy with where you stand?

Is there changes you should make?

Take the time to sit down and write your future goals for 2019. It can be as simple as a hobby that you want to start or a major decision in your life.

Here are my goals for 2019:

1. Post 2 blogs per week on amundaneworld.com

2. Create more art (painting, drawing…)

3. Photograph at least once a month

4. Read 40 books in 2019

5. Create a YouTube account & maintain it

6. Be more grateful & patient

7. Save 5% more money

8. Organize my wardrobe

9. Go for a walk every day

10. Improve my business online presence

11. Create products for your website

12. Enjoy life more (go on an adventure)

13. USE my planner and get organize/follow schedule

14. Do something that scares you

15. Start your novel


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