11 things that life as taught me so far

Everyone has their own struggles in life but that’s what defines who you are. Because without struggles what are we? We as human beings are born to make mistakes; we are on a path where there is no manual on how you are supposed to live your life. So when life throws you down get right back up and laugh at the fact that it couldn’t keep you down. As everyone learns his or her own mistakes, struggles, or happiness here is what I have learned from my own life so far.

1. Don’t settle down for less than what you are worth. Don’t let that boy play you like a fool because trust me when I say that he won’t change a bit. I’ve been through this many times I guess you can say that I try to see the best in someone even when they don’t. But on occasion, even you can’t change their perception and that’s ok because it’s time for you to move on.

2. Be a kid at heart. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, enjoy the little things. I cannot express this saying more! All my life I couldn’t wait to be an adult but as I started my own life finally in my 20s I’ve realized that you still got to find the magic in this world.

3. Follow your dreams even if it means it’s hard work. It’s hard to become who you want to be and it won’t just happen one day by wishing it upon a shooting star. You have to get up, work hard, and believe in yourself that one day you will become the person that you believe you can be. But if it doesn’t work out it’s ok. Because it’s ok to fail on occasions. That’s when you have to get back up and try again.

4. Don’t be afraid to over love even if people take advantage of it. Lately, I used to push people away because I was tired of getting hurt by the people I love. But the thing I learned from this is that being alone is depressing. So put on that smile in the morning and make other people around you happy. If they try to bring you down don’t take it personally just brush it off because you are worth way more.

5. It’s ok to be a hot mess. On occasion I don’t do my hair, wear lazy clothes, and just binge watch some TV shows. Everyone goes through their own life crisis but when this happens you got to remember that you survived all the rest in your pass. This one isn’t any different. You will be ok again.

6. Be who you are and never change that for anyone. I see a lot of people that change their personality for someone because they like the attention that they are receiving. How long can you keep up that act? Are you going to be miserable, sad, depress for the rest of your life because you are pretending to be someone you are not? You are perfect just the way you are.

7. Find the passion that pushes you to greatness. You love to paint, pick up that brush. Love to play music, turn up the volume. You love to write then type as much as you can. There might be people that will say that it’s wasted time but if that thing makes you happy then who can say what you can or cannot do. Because in my book what makes you happy is the most important thing you have to keep in your life.

8. It’s ok not to be exactly where you thought you would be in life. Everyone as his or her own path to follow and maybe yours isn’t to settle down yet. Just maybe you aren’t supposed to fall in love today, maybe you’re supposed to travel, maybe you’re supposed to raise that kid alone. Wherever you are in your life that doesn’t define you. Who you are is an individual that is trying to live their life to the fullest. Look outside; take it in, there is an entire world out there waiting for you. So wherever you are in your life it’s ok, because we all have different goals and different paths.

9. It’s normal to feel anxiety or depression once in while. Life is stressful. There is no knowing where it’s going to take you tomorrow. You only have to remember to live in the present. Don’t gloom on the past and don’t overthink the future, as the present is where you feel alive.

10. Take the risk. It’s worth it! Sometimes living in your comfort zone won’t bring you the opportunities you are looking for. Go back to college and take that course you always wanted. Fall in love even if your heart has been broken many times.

11. It’s ok to walk away. Sometimes when something doesn’t make you happy anymore it’s ok to walk away. If your job is too depressing, a certain individual keeps bringing you down, or you just don’t like where your life is going anymore you can walk away. If you do, you just might find something unexpected.

I’ve learned many lessons in life but I got to say that being happy is the most important aspect of life. So go do what makes you happy, because there’s an entire world out there to grasp. Now it’s your turn to find the lessons that life has to give you.


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