10 Facts About Me


My favourite colour

  • I can never decide between two colours so I’ve decided that purple and blue were both equal. My room was once blue and now it is currently purple!

My secret talent

  • I am very artistic from drawings, painting, or even creating a poster for an event. I recently started painting again and I can’t believe I ever stop.

Volunteer Work

  • I have been a volunteer Firefighter for a small community in Northern Ontario for the past 2 years and a half! From car rescue to putting out fires, I can say that I prefer running towards fire then running from them.

My favourite hockey/baseball team

  • Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Blue Jays

My pets

  • I am the proud mom of two adorable dogs.

The colour of my eyes

  • When it comes to my eyes I am very lucky to say that I own hazel eyes that turn mostly green then brown. Did you know there was only a small portion of people that owned green eyes!

My favourite author

  • Cassandra Claire. This woman is amazing! I used to loathe reading but one day I’ve decided to pick up her Mortal Instrument series and I just felt in love with reading again.

My favourite hobby

  • I love to read and I always thought there was never enough time in your life to read everything that you wanted. I wish I could live forever just for the fact that I would be able to read every book that was ever written.

Where I dream to travel

  • Even if I could say that I wish I could travel anywhere, my biggest wish is to visit Iceland and Thailand!

My zodiac sign

  • I’m a February baby meaning that my zodiac sign is Pieces! I love my sign and I believe that it describes me perfectly.


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